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Crocodile Joe - the scary lizard guy!

Crocodile Joe is a conservationist who was given the name “Crocodile Joe” by the Aborigines whilst working with crocodiles in Australia. During his time there Joe worked with the Aborigines & Zoologists tracking crocodiles for research purposes, as well as rescuing and relocating dangerous reptiles from residential areas. Crocodile Joe worked with reptiles in Australia for 10 years.
Crocodile Joe returned to the UK in 2007and is continuing his work, Joe is now one of the UK’s only ‘approved’ reptile rescue specialists working with large UK animal welfare organisations, his work has lead him to appear on television programmes such as CBBC’s The Prank Patrol, BBC’s Blue Peter, BBC1′s Animal 24/7 & Animal Planet.

Safari Phil and his creepy critters!

Safari Phil’s mission in life is to get everyone he meets as excited about animals as he is!
Over the past 20 years he has kept, cared for, and studied well over 60 different species including various species of snakes, tortoises, beetles, millipedes, snails, slugs, hedgehogs, ferrets, scorpions, and many more lizards & tarantulas.
Previously working in both the exotic pet trade, and a large animal attraction, as well as looking after his own menagerie, Safari Phil has amassed a wealth of knowledge about these amazing critters, and is able to pass that along in an entertaining, and educational manner.

A World Of Wings

The aim of A World of Wings is to promote birds and share them with people of all ages, in many different capacities from Free-Flight bird shows to specially designed interaction programmes and encounters. 

Instead of Birds being trained to perform tricks, it is them who teach us to understand how to build a Relationship built on trust, allowing us into their World. With this amazing Partnership the birds have demonstrated amazing feats of intelligence and soar, glide and climb their way into the eyes and hearts of their audience.