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Project Description

Safari Phil

Safari Phil has been fascinated by critters of ALL kinds ever since he was a young child!

“I love learning about new critters! There is always something new to discover about them. Animals are also a great springboard for the sciences. If you like animals, that’s biology. To really understand biology, you need to know about chemistry. And what’s chemistry deep down? It’s physics! Not to mention other subjects like ecology, geography, geology, or even history!”

Previously working in both the exotic pet trade, and a large animal attraction, as well as looking after his own menagerie, Safari Phil has amassed a wealth of knowledge about these amazing critters, and is able to pass that along in an entertaining, and educational manner.

He’ll be doing just that at this year’s Family Pet Show 2017 – and we can’t wait to see his weird and wonderful critters.

 Safari Phil’s mission in life is to get everyone he meets as excited about animals as he is! He firmly believes that by introducing the public to these amazing creatures, and having them engage with the actual animal, it will create a memorable experience for everybody.
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