Pets are an important part of their owner’s lives, bringing unconditional love and support.

PDSA Pet Insurance is selected by our vets to give you and your pet the cover needed to leave you both free to enjoy life to the full. With 6 levels of cover to choose from, you’ll know you’re protected against unexpected vet fees and your best friend can get the care and treatment they need whatever mischief they get up to.

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Nourishing pets for 15 years.

Here at ASDA we’ve been taking good care of the nation’s pets for over 15 years with our complete range of pet foods. So when you want the best for your little friend, you know who to trust.



FELIX’s range of irresistible meals is made with quality ingredients and packed with deliciously tender pieces in succulent jelly. They’re also a source of essential Omega 6 fatty acids with the right combination of balanced minerals and vitamins to help keep your cat full of vitality and ready for mischief!

Burgess Pet Care

Burgess Pet Care is one of the UK’s leading pet food manufacturers. Burgess is committed to bettering the lives of pets throughout the UK by supplying top-quality pet food that is made using only the finest natural ingredients, and encouraging responsible pet ownership through their in-house vet and nutrition experts.



Lintbells manufacture high quality and effective nutritional supplements for joints, skin & coat and digestive health. Our range includes the clinically proven product YuMOVE. Continuing our passion for helping pets, we have launched YuCALM to help stressed or nervous dogs. To find out more please visit

James Wellbeloved

Our foods have won numerous awards but more importantly provided naturally healthy, great tasting nutrition to thousands of pet owners in the UK.

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Animals and You

Animals and You

Do you know someone who LOVES animals?

Animals and You is full of hilarious pets, amazing animal facts, cute posters and lots of fun things to make and do! Plus, it’s packed with free gifts every issue to keep your little one busy! Get your paws on a copy today!


Here at Asda, we’re as passionate about dogs as you are. That’s why we’ve worked closely with dedicated experts to create our nutritious Hero range. Specially formulated to provide a perfect balance of essential vitamins and minerals, we know you’re canine chum will just woof it down.


Here at Asda, we’re as passionate about cats as you are. That’s why we’ve worked closely with dedicated experts to create our nutritious Tiger range. Specially formulated to provide a perfect balance of essential vitamins and minerals, we know you’re feline friend will find it purrrfectly delicious.


LondonCats and TICA (The International Cat Association) present and Allbreed Championship and Household pet CAT SHOW!  More than 100 cats, representing more than 50 breeds compete for the titles of Best Cat, Best Kitten, Best Neuter and Best Household Pet! There will be three rings with judges from France, Belgium, UK and USA!

Academy 4 Dogs 

Academy 4 Dogs based in Stockport, Cheshire, is a grammar school for dogs providing pet care for your companion. We have a doggie daycare, transportation, boarding, grooming parlour, pet shop & more…

Albion Meat Products

With over 30 years’ experience of delivering the highest quality dog food based on the Biologically Raw Food (BARF) Diet to our customers and observing the difference that such a diet has had on the wellbeing of their dogs. Our meals combine the right balance of natural ingredients to help you maintain the health and vitality of your dog.

Animals Asia

Animals Asia’s mission is to end the farming of bears for their bile in Vietnam and China, provide sanctuary for the bears, end the suffering of wild animals in captivity and ensure humane treatment of dogs and cats. We work to end cruelty and restore respect to all animals throughout Asia.

Anime Toons

Anime Toons for all you anime needs, from rings to cosplay we are passionate about Anime


At Applaws, we believe that making pet food matters. We believe and trust in the natural goodness of a food that starts with the highest quality, ethically sourced ingredients. Our recipes are made with 100% natural ingredients- no artificial, colourings or sweeteners, designed to support your pets’ wellbeing.  Available in a variety of formats, our delicious recipes provide plenty of variety, they even look good enough to eat yourself!

The Bat-Cave 

Head over to The Bat-Cave to find a great selection of Comic-books, graphic novels and a variety of sci-fi, comic-book, and cinema themed collectibles and artwork at great prices.

Bartley Portrait Studios

Bartley Portrait Studios, the North West’s most Pet Friendly Photography Studio! Our team are passionate about creating beautiful and unique images of families and their pets from our dedicated studio in Warrington, Cheshire. Come and visit us to find out more!


B&V trading company, offering handmade and locally sourced high quality dog & cat accessories, ranging from hand baked treats, drinks, pet healthcare, beds, collars, leads, blankets, bandanas, toys and lots of unique treats!! “B&V for you and your pets” 

Bev’s Bunting and Cushions

I make and embroidered cushions with quirky sayings. Also you can have your beloved pet on a cushion if you order at show you will get free postage. There will be a range of other products available bunting, plaques lots more visit me at M13 in the MARKETPLACE.

Bichon Frise Rescue

Bichon Frise Rescue is a non profit organisation dedicated to rehoming Bichon Frise in the UK.

Established in 1970 and run solely by volunteers we not only rehome Bichons that need us but also provide advice on this unique breed.

Supporting Henrys Fund and Louie Legacy.


Along with our unique Wall Mounted Dog Bowls, we will be offering you a select range of dog products such as: 100% Natural Dog Treats, Organic Dog Shampoos, Dog Water Bottles in some great designs, Dog Walking Kits and Kong Toys.


Around the world Great Britain is famous for quality workmanship and a pioneering attitude. BIOPETS LIMITED UK have pioneered the Alpha Deluxe Spa to be the most reliable, practical, technically advanced and visually stunning piece of grooming equipment available on the market today. Each one is hand crafted & fully assembled here in England.

Birdman Parrot Rescue

We are one of the UK’s only Parrot Rescue Centres and cater for all your parrot-related needs by offering rescue, rehoming and also parrot boarding.  Any caged bird is welcomed into the rescue be they noisy, plucked, injured or “problem” birds.  We now sell toys, food, perches, food pots and lots more.

Britain’s Got Talent’s

Britain’s Got Talent’s producer Tom Lightfoot adds: “The Britain’s Got Talent production team will be attending The Family Pet Show, and we’re looking for any talented animals. If you’re interested in meeting us, and think your pet has star quality, come on down and say hello.

Bug Bakes

Bug Bakes are the UK’s first dog treat made with sustainable insect protein – crickets! Our human grade, hypoallergenic cricket flour requires 2000 times less water, 12 times less feed and produces 100 times less greenhouse gases than beef. Good for your dog and good for the planet. Simple!

Burns Pet Nutrition
Since 1993, Burns Pet Nutrition has built up an award-winning reputation as the go-to brand for those seeking a natural and healthy approach to pet food. All products are intended for holistic health and vitality and are developed by Veterinary Surgeon, John Burns.


VitalChew is an entirely new food supplement containing fish oil of the highest quality as well as important vitamins and minerals. The four varieties are specially developed to meet dogs needs at different sizes and ages. Highly palatable and easy to use just give 1 per day.


Here at bymilo™ we pride ourselves on providing top quality, show standard products to you and your beloved furry companions! We have over 35 years experience in the pet industry, exporting worldwide, whilst introducing exclusive products onto the market in continental Europe. This, combined with our rapidly growing range, will leave you safe in the knowledge that you’ve come to the right place.

CatsDog Photography

At CatsDog Photography, we carefully craft each & every shot before selecting the very best to present to you. Around 60 minutes of shooting will produce 20-30 beautiful works of art that you can then choose to turn into tangible wall displays or take away on a pen drive. We expect dogs to behave like dogs so our photo shoots are essentially organised chaos; whether your dog is energetic or shy we have tit bits & tricks up our sleeves to make them look like seasoned professionals.

CJ Wildlife

CJ Wildlife have over 30 years’ experience in helping you attract, care for and enjoy the wide variety of wildlife in your garden. We are Europe’s leading specialists in the research and design of wild bird and wildlife food, accompanying feeding products and habitats; and retail wildlife themed gifts.

Classy Paws Boutique 

Walks, Eats And Treats

A boutique with a difference. We specialise in beautiful apparel, for dogs of all sizes, cupcakes, birthday cakes popcorn for dogs, raw food, premium treats and pet accessories. We also operate a bespoke walking service. We have an online store also at


Costco is a cash and carry membership warehouse club,bringing you the best quality products at the lowest possible prices. Your membership fees allow us to keep overhead costs down and pass the savings on to you.Our members quickly recoup the their membership fees through the money they save shopping with us.

Crazy Light Company

For those dark winter evenings light up your dog and your wellies with products from The Crazy Light Co. Totally unique products for safety and a little bit of fun!

Dog jackets with lights from £16.99. Lights for wellie boots £9.99 

Crocodile Joe

Crocodile Joe is a conservationist and reptile expert, providing an educational and interactive experience.  Together with his collection of wonderful reptiles he continues to engage and delight audiences! Crocodile Joe can be booked for personal appearances, school and nursery visits, as well as birthday parties.

For further information please visit our website

Cynthia Lennox

I am a self-taught watercolour artist specialising in wildlife and pet portraits.

My passion is to create unique, detailed and affordable portraits of your pet or any wildlife animal and create something personal and dear to you.

Davina Hanes

Davina Hanes, author and Assistant Manger of Oldham Cats Rescue will be in attendance at this event signing her third publication in the series of Little Jack’s books: ‘Little Jack and the Ginger Invaders’. The ginger invaders will also be attending this year.

All proceeds from the books will go to Oldham Cats Rescue, the rescue who saved Little Jack.

Different Dog

Fresh, hand-cooked dog food – come and try!

Different Dog are rethinking pet food.  Using locally sourced, human-grade ingredients, recipes are grain free, nutritionally balanced and contain 60% British meat and no nasties. New recipes are hand cooked every week, packed full of flavour and delivered frozen.  Let your dogs be the judge at their Taster Bar.

Dog Charmed

Dog Charmed are creators of quirky accessories for your Super-Dog! 

We make collars, leads, bandanas, bow ties etc. Prices range from £4.50-£15.00

Doggie Goodies

Bringing your dog a monthly bundle of treats, Doggie Goodies deliver leading brands direct to your door. Our boxes are assembled with love for your pooch, including healthy snacks, the latest accessories and added extras. We source new products to keep your dog guessing, so try out our treats today!

Dogs Trust

Dogs Trust is the UK’s largest dog welfare charity. We care for around 15,000 lost and abandoned dogs each year through our network of 20 Rehoming Centres.  By sponsoring one of these dogs you can help Dogs Trust give them all the love, care and cuddles they deserve.

Doug The Pug & Cate

Doug the Therapy Dog

A baggy little dog that has one goal every day: to make people happy.

You can meet little Doug and have his book ‘Doug The Pug A Working Dogs Tale’ paw signed personally by Doug himself and his human Cate Archer. Cate and Doug will be at the show all weekend signing books and meeting everyone.

Duxenall Dog Beds

Duxenall Dog Beds are made from wood with a fabric choice of either canvas, corduroy or wipe clean ripstop.  Our beds flat pack and slot together, they come in a hessian bag meaning they are ideal for travelling with your pet; they are also raised off the ground for comfort and hygiene.

Eccles College

Eccles Sixth Form College is amongst the top 10% of colleges nationally for 16-18 achievement rates.

The college is home to some of the most outstanding animal facilities in the country. The department has undertaken significant investment over the last couple of years to create the animal utopia it is today. Housing over 250 different species, including domestic and exotic species.


Elliot’s is an independently owned customer focused business specializing in all things cat and dog. A huge range of toys, accessories, leads, collars , harnesses, supplements, natural foods and treats, grooming equipment and products, professional grooming products for show people, cat show whites, breeding equip, doggy boutique and much more

Ernie and Theo

We are a small Manchester business. We specialise in handmade  pet gifts and accessories.  We are inspired by our 4-legged friends, Ernie and Theo.

Our products include dog bandanas and bow ties, dog-lead hooks, toy boxes, treat jars, pet blankets and dog themed greetings cards. Anything can be personalised.

Feline Fayre

Feline Fayre cat food use 60% real fish selected from the oceans of the world and specially chosen chicken to meet our demanding requirements of quality and freshness at an affordable price for every cat owner.

Ferret Support Rescue Service

Do you think that ferrets are: Nasty, vicious, smelly creatures? Only for hunting rabbits? Something you keep down your trousers? A bit of a music-hall joke?

Come and see the reality of these beautiful, affectionate, often mistreated and much misunderstood animals and help us raise money for their welfare.

Forever Living

Aloe Health and Pets promotes natural Aloe Vera based products versatile for both humans and animals alike, with an impressively extensive range of benefits.

Giant Tortoises

Guide Dogs

Sponsor a guide dog puppy and follow every step of their amazing journey to becoming a life changing guide dog for a blind or partially sighted person. This is a unique experience you can share with your friends and family.

Goody Paws

We’re two sisters from Manchester and after rescuing our border terrier cross pug Harry 2 years ago we’ve become crazy dog-ladies. Wanting the best for Harry we started Goody Paws to bring locally sourced and handmade bandanas, toys, soaps and treats for all your four legged friends.

Hands on Heart

At Hands On Heart Clinical Canine Massage, we pride ourselves on providing therapy complementary to Veterinary Care for orthopaedic pain or soft tissue injuries. This is done by assessing and treating individual muscles to reduce your dog’s pain, improving their freedom of movement and increasing your dog’s Quality of Life.

Happy Hounds 

Happy Hounds runs the dog training school at Academy 4 Dogs. We run obedience classes for puppies & adults, one to ones in obedience & behavioural, agility classes, workshops, home visits & more…


Harringtons produces nutritious pet food in North Yorkshire. Providing dry food, wet food and treats to dogs and cats, as well as nuggets for Rabbits and Guinea pigs, none of Harringtons contains artificial colours or flavours. Harringtons gives you the opportunity to buy premium pet food at an affordable price. It’s the natural choice.


Welcome to HayPigs!®, the home of the; quirky, fun and functional products for guinea pigs and other small animals. Coupling great design with novel themes we aim to deliver entertainment, stimulation and excitement for both you and your fabulous small furries! Wheek! Wheek!

Hebbs Alpacas

Hebbs Alpacas; a family run business based just south of Lancaster. We supply pets, stock guards, starter herds, high quality breeding females and stud services. Offering help to ensure you have all the knowledge and support you require to fully enjoy these wonderful animals. or
Email: [email protected]

Holistic Hounds and other animals

We offer holistic options for your animals, including applied herbal choices (also known as zoopharmacognosy), reiki and aromatherapy sessions.  Dog walking services are available within Darwen and surrounding areas. All this plus holistic information; suitable animal sensory garden/hedgerow plants and the benefits of botanical diversity are outlined on our website.

2 hoots 4 u owl experience 

Have your very own hands on experience with our friendly owl.

Get up close and personal with Saskia and why not capture the moment. Have your very own picture taken that you can have as a photo in a frame or a key ring.

Impress garden and craft

Quirky metal garden planters & hand carved and painted wooden items created by craftsmen in indonesia – ideal christmas gift !

The Innocent Pet

The Innocent Pet produces premium treats for dogs, cats, rabbits and guinea pigs.  All British, all nutritious and most importantly, all delicious.

Handmade in Yorkshire and using sustainably sourced British meat and quality ingredients, the healthy dog treats are grain free and many are single protein.

James Bowen and Street Cat Bob

James Bowen and a Street Cat named Bob

Joining us once again we have James Bowen and Street Cat Bob at the show! They are returning to sign their fabulous books for the fourth year and this time they will be at the show both days!

J&L Hound Hotel

J&L Hound Hotel presents the Wedding Chaperone! Giving you the opportunity to include your furry family members in your special day! We offer packages designed to suit any requirements so you can make the memories with everyone in attendance! Other services include Dog Boarding, Doggie Day-care & Training.

K9 Swim

K9 Swim Manchester boasts the largest canine hydrotherapy pool in the North-West. Offering swim sessions for fun, fitness, rehabilitation and weightloss. Owners may swim too. Dog grooming salon and training for grooming students. Soon to offer underwater treadmill and hydrotherapy training for students.


We are a group of bloggers passionate about all things feline! Katzenworld was born from our love of reading about cats. It’s a one stop portal with a focus is on news, product reviews and ensuring the cats of the world have access to fabulous toys via our online shop.  

Keep Cats and Stay Calm

Hello! We are a small new business that started in April 2018 happily creating cat-loving ceramics in The Potteries, England.  Bone china trademarked cat themed mugs, bowls and aprons which can be personalised with ease. Come along and share your little best friend’s mischievous stories with us!

Kieran Stephens

Email a photograph and receive your artwork in the post, it’s that simple! Specialising in high quality, bespoke pencil portraits, I provide artwork with fantastic attention to detail that will really capture the personality of your pet. See my website for examples of my work and reviews.


Kit4dogs sells high quality equipment for both the pet owner and professional, I source our products from all over the world and everything you will find us selling has a deliberate reason for being available from us. As a handler I really can offer honest advice about products I have tried and tested.

Lancashire Wildlife Trust

UK’s leading conservation charity dedicated to wildlife, working to improve wildlife in the local areas. 

Leopolds Equestrian Productions

Leopolds Equestrian Productions are delighted too be back here at the Family Pet Show for their third year. With their brand new Minature Pony Display for this year showing the little guys can do just as much as the big horses. So why not check them out in the watch arena.

Little Nell

Nell the Springer Spaniel inspired a series of children’s picture books and cuddly toys.

In the books Nell goes on magical adventures in her crate with her magic ball.

Come and meet the authors and get your book signed and paw stamped.  There may even be a special appearance by Nell herself!

Manchester & Cheshire Dogs Home

Manchester & District Home for Lost Dogs was founded in 1893 and take in a large number of stray dogs each year. We offer a Discount Neuter Scheme and Vaccine Clinic. We believe every dog should be given a chance and we won’t put a healthy dog to sleep. #giveadogachance

Manor and Mutt

Manor and Mutt is a quintessentially British brand providing handmade luxuries for your dog and home. Everything is made by Charlotte and designed to have something different about it as well as a feel of luxury. The current product range consist of Collars, leads, harnesses, dog Jackets and beds.

Manor Pet Housing

Manor Pet Housing specialise in Bespoke handcrafted pet furniture. We are leading suppliers in the small animal market and now have a new range of wooden dog beds which can be customised to suit your 4 legged companion.  Come and visit us to see what we can offer you.

Maria’s Handmade Handbags

Using premium quality felt & real leather, all of Maria’s items are designed & carefully made with love. They are characterised with a high impact minimalist style featuring many lovable pets. Maria tries to keep them simple, yet unique.

Marmarpets Ltd

Marmarpets Ltd strive to bring you through our extensive ranges the best value in wholesale and retail prices on all your pet supplies. We offer a large variety of bird and small animal cages, cat/dog travel carriers, plush beds, cat litter, small animal food and much more.

Master Strokes

I am a professional oil painting artist specialising in pets and countryside animals.

My pet portraits capture the individual character and expression of your pet leaving you with a precious painting that will immortalise your companion forever.

I have a full portfolio of portraits to help you see the quality of my work.

I work on a commission basis for private clients.

Milo and Mimi

If you are looking for a handmade gift with a difference than take a look at Milo and Mimi!  Whether it is a bag with your pooch, a sign to brighten up your home or a cushion for you to cuddle forever, Milo and Mimi are guaranteed to have it.


Original, limited edition cards designed by Manchester illustrator and cat lady Hannah Mosley

Le Moulin Pooch

Le Moulin Pooch is dog fashion boutique, with a dog barber’s concession.

Our main high street shop is based in the Spa town of Buxton, centrally located in the beautiful Cavendish shopping Arcade.  

At our canine Boutique we sell only the latest clothing & apparel from high end designs from across the world, for every dog breed. Ensuring you’re best friend can stand out from the crowd in the city with glitz and glam or for a more relaxed look in the country with our hoodies and T shirt range.

 From our Denim collection, we have a lovely Manchester Bee Gilet, which should be part of any dogs wardrobe collection!

 We  just cant wait to spoil Manchester’s pampered pooches with our canine apparel .

Mountain Dog Ltd

Mountain Dog Ltd are a supplier of high quality equipment for active dogs and their owners. Brands such as Ruffwear, Hunter, Hurtta & EQDog all offer a great opportunity for you and your dog when you hike, run, paddle, swim, ski or just pay a routine visit to the local park.

The new review website of animal therapists and their services. cuts through the mystery of animal therapies so you can gain clarity and select the best treatment and therapist for your pet. Also comes with full listings of customer-reviewed therapists in your area so you can choose with confidence.

Mr Mole

Bring your pet along and have a personalised blanket, Christmas Sack or Stocking embroidered with their name whilst you wait. We have a wide range of blankets in a variety of colours and sizes. Come and see us early in the day to avoid the queue. We look forward to meeting you and your pet!

Paw Scents

Paw Scents manufactures High End Fragrance products for the Dog Grooming industry that are also popular with the consumer market. Paw Scents is the; Fragrance Formula Designer, Manufacturer, Production Company, Distributor & Retailer. The end result is a far superior product compared to our competition.

Helping pet owners make the right choice. Review website for everything pet related, review & discover great pet services. List your pet business in our directory. Free feedback software for Walker, Breeders, Groomer’s, Shops, Kennels, Food companies, deli’s. Anything pet related can use (your customers can add you to)


We also provide Specialist Cleaning & Disinfection Service Packages to suit Veterinary Practices, Equine Sector and Kennels.


These are a unique micro-fibre pad which is impregnated with soap and all that is required is a small amount of water to activate the properties within the pad which then suds up into a good lather to remove all the dirt from your pet.